Heraldic Flight Rising Dragon Adopts: Imperial

Base and a custom (Carlos)

I got basically every other species sketched. Those adopts lack pre-made markings other than tertiary/secondary colour division. Keep an eye on my flight rising blog to see when those will be up for sale! Estimated price is 100k. Custom markings/skins/accents are possible, but I will not do items. Watermarking so I can spread those on my galleries.

Xuu #5019

som colleg werk before i slep


i have the fetus of an idea that is making a fake biology book.

i have many cultural and biological annotations on my sketchbook about the things i create - gushers (bioplantae kind that includes smoks) and my sphinxes got a lot of info about them.

i have no idea how book things work tho… i only know the page layout and illustration part ;v; it is something to work on, but i wonder if this brings anyone interest?

1st pic: Nioores/Eodetras, private species to representate my flight rising dragons. Expect more of them.

2nd pic: Camaxi, talbash’s twin brother. He changes colours according to daytime.Species belong to Hailey

I have been wanting to make up a species to implant my FR dragons on, I got my inspiration on family crests and oriental dragons plus some of the species i already made… i like how it is going - i may even add giant oriental dragon wiskers things - but i am not sure if this will be te final look ppp

Anyway, have Phlegm-Chan on it. Second pic is not my drawing but Flight Rising’s official dragon art ppp

was it hard getting into art school in brazil (i know the system is different and you have to do the national exam or something among these lines? but i'm curious)? did you just have to do that exam or did you have to show them your portfolio as well, or? and is it a good college, in your opinion?

the whole school thing was hard, we have to study a buttload of subjects (like 17) on a college level, stay from 7am to 5pm at school, do 4 hour long tests at weekends… and the college exam is on a weekend too, plus i had to do an extra exam to measure my artistic habilities (basic things like drawing an object if it is cut and scenes from different angles)

since the high school part taught me nothing related to what i wanted to do with my life, my grades were awful and they were awful in those exams too (except for math, somehow i scored ~870/1000 while i guessed all the questions, but it is not counted in the art filtering) so i had low chances of getting into any course. thankfully 24 people wanted painting and they had 25 open slots for that semester, so everyone got in! :D

and I study in UFRJ, it is a really good college. not due to its structure - the arts part is literally falling apart, that other day they had to remove a skunk from our atelier - but due to the amazing students and professionals that work there. i would be nowhere near what i am today without them, so i am eternally grateful and i am sure to say that this place is amazing.. to give us all hopes and chances even when society treats us like garbage.

i hope this answered your question! it is 2am here and m dog is sleeping on one of my hands so i can not think/type very well hehehe!

i really want to talk to you cuz i think youre super radical but im too dumb to, im even scared of liking your tweets gahhhh ; A ;

oh wow how long has this been dying on my askbox? but well you already did talk with me, if you count this tiny fossilized ask! there is not really a need to fear doing something you already did, eh?

to encourage you, have my crappy 2007 art

how old of a character do you think this one is?

i hav her design saved over adoptables and traced art, but nothing else. sh e was somone “mythical, quiet and cool”, i created her in… 2005 i think.

wll you can see by my old neopets that browns and greens ruined my life since the early years.

first artwork is mine, second is traced from original neopet art and other two are from dead makeable pages. second row is what i have saved from 2005 in my google sites account heh. i kept most stuff on a hotlinkfiles site, so i lost almost everything.

is it annoying you? do you want it to be different? do you want to rest?
of course, the answer is draw your orange bae.

is it annoying you? do you want it to be different? do you want to rest?

of course, the answer is draw your orange bae.

amgrl revamp sketches
i will try to make their ref simple ehauhaue

amgrl revamp sketches

i will try to make their ref simple ehauhaue